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          • 洛阳刘氏模具有限公司
          • 联系人:刘中华
          • 手 机:13949109999
          • 邮 箱:mojv@163.com
          • 电 话:0379-67029999
          • 地 址:洛阳空港产业集聚区隆华大道35号
          公司简介当前位置:首页 > 公司简介

          洛阳刘氏模具有限公司成立于2001年,是消失模铸造用模样成型模具行业标准制订单位。公司坐落在千年、牡丹花城洛阳市,是河南省高新技术企业,拥有建筑面积达9000 m2的办公楼,以及18000 m2的生产车间,研发、设计、铸造、机械加工、装配、表面处理等设备齐,是洛阳市研发中心和技术中心。公司现拥有发明利6项,实用新型利20项,是河南省商标企业,公司现有职工230余名,其中业模具设计工程师36名、技师39名;拥有数控加工设备40台、通用加工设备28台、三坐标测量仪1台、逆向扫描仪1台。采用电脑三维设计、编程,计算机辅助加工技术,采用FM法铸造铝模坯,结合的氟隆(TEFLON)表面涂层处理技术,使模具质量、精度、率、寿命均能达到客户使用要求。公司技术人员现场指导模具装配、使用、试生产,免费维修,并可根据客户需求提供套消失模铸造技术。秉承精心设计、精益制作、精诚服务、精品占市的经营理念,努力为客户提供满意的产品和服务。历经多年发展和创新,已经成为众多消失模铸造企业的合格模具供应商。


          Luoyang Liushi mould Co.,Ltd was established on 2001, we are the lead enterprise and concentrate on design and manufacture the lost foam mould. We located in Luoyang city, an ancient imperial capital, peony flower city, is a High-tech enterprise in Henan province, we have 9000m2 office building, as well as 18000 m2 production workshop which fully equiped with research, development, design, foundry, machining, assembly, surface treatment and other equipments. We are city-level research and development center and technology center in Luoyang city. The company now has 6 invention patents, 20 utility model patents , is a well-known trademark enterprises in Henan province. We have approx 230 employees, including 36 professional mould design engineers , 39 senior technicians, We hav have 40 sets CNC machines and 28 sets general machines. 1 set 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines, 1 set reverse scanner. Adopt computer three-dimension design, programming, computer-assisted process technology, and FM method to casting the aluminum die blank, combined with original TEFLON surface treatment technology, so that mold quality, precision, efficiency, life are up to the industry leader. Company technicians on-site guide mould assembly, test production, free repair and offer complete technology for lost foam casting proecss according to customer demands. With the business philosophy of “careful design, lean manufacture, best service, perfect quality”, after many years developing and innovating, Liushi mould was the first selection for most Chinese famous lost foam casting ng enterprise.

          For more details of Liushi, please refer to www.lxlongxiang.com.

          Chinese homepage: 刘氏模具,中华模具